Comprehensive Towing Services

Can I get a towing service near me?  Who can offer me quick and reliable flat tire service near me? These are just a few of the questions that you may have if your vehicle suddenly broke down at late hours of night in an unexpected place. Whatever the case may be, Baltimore Tow Truck is ready to provide you with complete towing services in Baltimore, MD.

Enjoy the Emergency Roadside Assistance services of experienced professionals

As a dependable company with a vast wealth of experience, we provide you with a quick and complete Baltimore towing service in Baltimore, MD. We have been delivering amazing towing services for several years; hence, we have a perfect understanding of the challenges that you may be encountering, and we are ready to help you.

Our 24/7 prompt customer services make sure that our professionals will be available to speak to you when you need us without delay. With the aid of our skills and commitment to great service, we are more than capable of providing 24-hour efficient towing services that will ensure the safety of your car and keep you out of trouble.

For us at Baltimore Tow Truck, no job is too small or too big; so, we are your trusted partner for all towing services. Our comprehensive services include:


  • Automobile/Motorcycle Towing services

  •  Transport/Pickup

  • Roadside Assistance Services

  • Mobile Tire Service

  • Gas

  • Lockout Services

Contact: 410-656-6280

Car Towing

Baltimore Tow Truck offers the best towing and roadside services for the baltimore and surrounding areas.

Motorcycle Towing

During the unfortunate break downs you can rest assure safe transport of your motorcyle to the desitination of your choice, to quickly get you back on the road.

Fuel/Gas Delivery

Imagine your vehicle has broken down in the middle of the night or you have run out of gas and even your closest friends or family may not be able to help you during such period. But we can help you because it is what we do best. Our team will be on-the-scene fast to provide 24-hour roadside assistance irrespective of the time or location.


There are times when you turn the key to your automobile and nothing happens.  Alot of times these issue are because of a battery or possible altenator promblem. If this happens a jumpstart could alleviate, and get you back on the road.

Mobile Tire Repair/Change

Are you having troubles with a flat tire without a spare one within reach? This situation can be challenging. Even if you have a spare tire, the risks attached to changing tires, especially at the odd hours, can be too high. We understand your plight, so we are here for you. Allow our skilled towing experts to do all the excruciating tasks attached to changing your vehicle tire. Our experience and right tools will ensure that we change your tire quickly.

Our mobile tire service will not only get you back on the road as soon as possible, but it will also keep you safe while you are behind the wheels.

Lockout Service

If you have ever locked your car keys in the car before, you will understand how devastating this experience can be. Call us now; we promise to help you. As a dependable tow truck company in Baltimore, our lockout specialists will respond to your request quickly and you will get your keys back.