Jump Starts and Dead Battery Service


Jumpstarts and dead battery service


Climbing into your car and turning the ignition only to find that it simply won’t start creates a true sense of dread and frustration! Fortunately, we provide efficient jumpstarts to ensure you get back on the road with as little disruption as possible. A dead car battery is easily resolved with our jumpstart services. If you find that your vehicle will not start, simply contact us at Baltimore Tow Truck. We will deliver our experienced technicians with the equipment needed to jumpstart any vehicle.

Why You Need Our Professional Jump Start Services

At Baltimore Tow Truck, we are all too familiar with the occurrence of dead batteries in vehicles. Whether plummeting temperatures or accidentally leaving the lights on, when you need to get going and your car won’t start what do you do?

Call us immediately! We will bring the jumper cables; leads and the expertise to quickly jump start your car so you can get to work, personal appointments or engagements. When your car battery dies, we do not recommend going out to purchase costly jumper cables and attempting the process yourself. Our aim is to arrive quickly, perform a professional jump start and have you safely on your way.

If your car battery is problematic late in the evening or early hours of the morning, do not hesitate to contact us for fast jumpstart services. Our rapid response times and our accurate travel arrangements allow us to locate your car and initiate the necessary process quickly. Once the jumpstart is facilitated, your car could be up and running within minutes of our technician working their magic! Rather than feel overwhelmed about calling for a cab or having your entire vehicle towed, our jumpstart services make it easier and efficient to get back onto the road.

Steps to Prevent a Dead Car Battery

The first step is to ensure all lights are turned off when exiting your vehicle. Leaving the lights on while the car is not running is a leading cause of battery decline.

Disconnect your navigation services and accessories from the vehicle when not in use. This avoids extra strain and power consumption of the battery.

Be sure to have your battery inspected by an authorized battery expert every year. Although automobile batteries are meant to last and power up your vehicle for years, it can also suffer wear and tear, leakage, and loose nuts that affect its performance.

Jumpstarts with Speed and Value

We are highly responsive when you contact us for jumpstarts. Our experienced team will deliver efficiency and value ensuring your car battery is professionally jumpstarted and at the most competitive rates. We will provide jumpstart services to address a flat car battery and not distinct or underlying mechanical issues.

When you find that your car won’t start and the battery is the cause, Baltimore Tow Truck delivers on a promise of efficient, effective and the most valuable solutions for every jumpstart we can provide.


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