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Short Haul Flatbed Towing for Automobile/Golfcart/Small Equipment

Baltimore Tow Truck provides reliable short haul towing services for automobiles, golfcarts and small equipment. Our flat bed transport solutions cover short distances ensuring your vehicle, equipment or carts reach its destination efficiently and effectively. Our dedicated team will provide fully custom towing solutions to help you with fast, friendly and responsive local towing services.


Call Baltimore Tow Truck for Your Short Haul Flat Bed Towing Needs

The misfortune of your car breaking down on the side of the road could leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, you can rely on Baltimore Tow Truck. Our specialized transport solutions include the secure placement of your vehicle on our flatbeds making it easier to tow to reach its next destination. Our courteous serviceman will help you through the process and ensure your vehicle arrives at a mechanic or select location on time.

We offer advanced short haul towing services for our Baltimore clients who wish to have a new vehicle, a golf cart or lightweight equipment transported to a place of residence or commercial destination. As we are experienced and knowledgeable in the management of unique towing requirements, we make the process as seamless as possible. Our goal is to secure efficient towing services with expertise only we can provide.

We Handle All Short Haul Towing Needs

  • If you need a professional tow to get your vehicle to a mechanic or transported to your home, we can manage the entire process from start to finish.
  • With years of experience in managing various short haul towing requirements, we can create custom solutions to ensure your load arrives on time and in its original condition at the time of the tow.
  • Using a robust and reliable flat bed truck for towing, we tow vehicles including SUVs with all four wheels off the ground and secured to the flatbed.
  • We provide the perfect solution for all short haul requests when you need a dependable service with skill, experience and attention to detail.

Choose Us Short Haul Towing for the Best Flatbed Towing in the City and Surrounds

Not all flat bed towing services are of an equal standard. At Baltimore Tow Truck, we have managed many short haul towing requirements to assure our customers of superior service standards and exceptional reliability. Licensed and insured, we offer competitive rates and the peace of mind that your short haul towing needs are addressed with the efficiency and the expertise you need and deserve!


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